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Il trail è la linea arancione. Le linee azzurre le varianti.

Il pallino arancione è il punto di inizio, quello azzurro altri eventuali accessi.

Archeo Trail Pedemontana

The National Park of Circeo was a colony at the old romans age:  there are in fact many archeological sites in the area. Starting from the books of Lanzuisi and Ronchi (revealing approx 140 sites), we go with our bicycles to find them. A full immersion in the very old roots of these places in a sort of treasure safari. Many sites are in open land or in the woods and freely accessible. Some sites are unfortunately closed to public access (La Casarina, Le Terme, La Fonte di Lucullo) and we hope that will be opened soon or later. The beautiful Villa di Domiziano can be visited upon appointment. In any case we will see 12 out of 17 archeological sites of this area.

Length: 25 km - Ascent: 50 meters

Archeo Trail Promontorio

 We will bike uphill (preferably with an ebike) to discover other archeological sites of the Parco Nazionale del Circeo. Starting from La Cona district we will bike up to the old roman village of Circeios and, with an appointment, we will visit the Villa dei 4 Venti. We will see the old roman walls (under the middle age ones), hoping to visit in the next years also the tank and aqueduct, actually not open to public. We then climb to the “Acropoli” with a nice ascent, once last defensive asset of the Circeios village. We then go downhill to the “quarto caldo” area, looking for the Villa di Vasca Moresca. 

Length: 23 km - Ascent: 600 meters

Bonifica Trail

The Agro Pontino swamp was reclaimed partially by the ancient romans, then by the popes in middle age and definitively by fascism around 1930. The drainage was operated with a huge integrated system of channels and pumps taking and raising the water to the sea. Few people now that if the pumps were turned off, all this territory would go again underwater. There are around 20 pumps in all the territory managed by the Consorzio di Bonifica. We therefore bike searching some of these pumps, among “Onc” homes and cultivated fields. With a visit (on appointment) to Mazzocchio main pump and to the “Casale Rappini” were this story passed many years ago.

Lenght: 40 km - Ascent: 0 meters.

Razionalismo Trail

After the final drainage of the “Agro Pontino” operated by Mussolini, lot of roads were built, houses given to farmers (Onc) and new towns and villages (borghi) were also built. Public buildings and private houses built with the architectonic style called “Razionalismo”. We therefore bike among these towns and villages looking for these buildings in Sabaudia, Pontinia, Borgo Montenero, Borgo Hermada, Borgo Vodice, Borgo San Donato e Borgo Grappa. Most are still original; some were utilized for different purposes and with contemporary style.

Length: 40 km - Ascent: 0 meters.

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